How Product Placement Works

BrandedPlacement simplifies the entire Product Placement integration workflow ​

How Product Placement Works Today

What we found is that:

  • Mostly large Brands use product placement advertising in films and streaming video content.

  • You can see many examples of large brands implementing product placement as way to have brand awareness.

  • Very few small and medium companies do this because at most times they cannot afford to play. 

Transactions usually involve:

  • Lots of people: Armies of Lawyers

  • Very High Touch

  • One Off & Custom

How Product Placement Works with BrandedPlacement

Product Placement is complicated.

We made it simple.

But it was really complicated to make it simple.

The BrandedPlacement marketplace enables a creator to post their current film project, they provide the working title, logline, story line, genre, release date and other pertinent information about the project. 

The creator can then offer Product Placement Opportunities (or PPOs) in one or more scenes in the film project. 

Our platform allows 5 types of PPOs:

  1. On-Screen / Product = Brand logo or packaging appears on screen

  2. Script / Voice mentions = Brand name is mentioned as part of dialogs

  3. Plot Placement = Brand takes a major role in the plot

  4. Location Placement = Brand physical location in scene

  5. Corporate Sponsorships = Brand sponsors entire Project (or Episode

When a potential brand sponsor is interested in sponsoring the creator’s project the platform enables the brand sponsor to offer a sponsorship amount to the creator. The creator can approve, decline or counter offer.

As soon as the creator and brand negotiate the sponsorship amount the platform asks the brand for funds to be deposited and held onto the brands account until the product integration is done, reviewed and approved. 


For Content Creators

Join Join

As a Content Creator and immediately create your project contact and a description of your video project.

Offer PPO’s

Identify and define Product Placement Opportunities (PPO’s) in one or more scenes in your new video project and set your minimum sponsorship amount.

Get Sponsored

Get funded by Brand sponsors that fit your vision, direction and audience. Once you’re sponsored, collaborate on brand product placement to make sure all parties are aligned on final product outcome.

Start Producing Your Video

Shoot your video project in accordance to the agreed upon brand product placement.

Get Approval

As soon as you have completed video scene(s) with the brand product placement, upload the video for approval by the Brand sponsor(s).

Get Paid

Once the Brand sponsor approves your finished scene(s) with the brand product placement your sponsorship amount is automatically transferred to your BrandedPlacement account.

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