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Offset Video Production Costs

Smurfs 2 – The film covered the entire cost of its $105 million dollar budget with $150 million worth of product placement deals.


Power of Product Placement

After Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers sunglasses were placed in Risky Business, sales that year jumped to 360,000 pairs, and by 1989, four million pairs were sold.

Product Placement Advertising Marketplace BrandedPlacement chart

Product Placement Growing

Steven Spielberg broke new ground again when his 1993 film Jurassic Park featured over 100 product placements at different price points.


Brand Product Placement made easy!


Join as a Content Creator and immediately create your project contact and a description of your video project.

Offer PPO’s

Identify and define Product Placement Opportunities (PPO’s) in one or more scenes in your new video project and set your minimum sponsorship amount.

Get Sponsored

Get funded by Brand sponsors that fit your vision, direction and audience. Once you’re sponsored, collaborate on brand product placement to make sure all parties are aligned on final product outcome.

Start Making Your Video

Shoot your video project in accordance to the agreed upon brand product placement.

Get Approval

As soon as you have completed video scene(s) with the brand product placement, upload the video for approval by the Brand sponsor(s).

Get Paid

Once the Brand sponsor approves your finished scene(s) with the brand product placement your sponsorship amount is automatically transferred to your BrandedPlacement account.
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