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BrandedPlacement simplifies product placement advertising in films & streaming videos. The BrandedPlacement product placement advertising Marketplace provides:

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More Effective

When products are inserted into storylines,
they can be:

  • More effective than traditional ads

  • They’re better at grabbing attention

  • They can be more cost efficient

  • They can’t be muted or skipped over

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More Receptive

  • Consumers not only exhibit stronger recall and higher awareness of brands through product placements; they’re also more receptive to the messaging.
  • Research shows that they’re highly influential – particularly when used to generate positive impressions of a brand or to change consumers’ perceptions about a product

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Power of Product Placement

After Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers sunglasses were placed in Risky Business, sales that year jumped to 360,000 pairs, and by 1989, four million pairs we sold.


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After the creator has accepted your sponsorship offer, collaborate with the creator on brand product placement to make sure all parties are aligned on final product outcome.

Get Content

Once you receive the creator’s video content featuring your brand product placement, you can review and request edits if needed.

Give Approval ​​

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Get Results

Now your brand product placement is complete. Now enjoy branded placement advertising with higher brand lift and recall.
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