Product Placement has been around at least since Jules Verne mentioned commercial maritime companies in his works (1873), or Manet integrated beer product placements to his painting of Les Folies bergeres (1882). Fast forward to 2024, product placement is a $33 billion business.

Product Placement is Complicated

Product placement is complicated and inaccessible, on top of an uncharted negotiation and integration process.

The problem facing Content Creators: how do Content Creators fund film productions and streaming video projects?

  • No access to high touch custom deals
  • Too small to appeal to product placement agencies
  • No relationships, difficulties navigating brands & agencies

The problem facing brands: how do brands reach, build awareness and position themselves with the streaming generation 

  • Limited access to content creators
  • Challenging content selection

And lots of people are involved!

Content side

Studio’s, production companies, screenwriter, producers, directors, cast and talent agents / managers, product placement consultants, clearance coordinators, art directors, prop masters, set decorator, onset decision makers & coordinators, wardrobe stylists & dressing departments, transportation & warehouse, post-production editing, distributors and streamers …

Brand side

CEO, Chief Marketing Office (CMO), brand manager, agencies, marketing analysts, financial analysts, and armies of lawyers on both sides.

How Product Placement Works by simplifies product placement.

Our mission is to build a marketplace connecting Brands & Content Creators.

BrandedPlacement was developed as an advertising platform to simplify and scale product placement in Films & Streaming Video Content. The underlying BrandedPlacement technology can expand to other verticals such as social media short form, podcast, gaming, music, events … simplifies Product Placement in Films & Streaming Videos