BrandedPlacement simplifies product placement advertising in films & streaming videos. Our mission is to develop and operate a product placement online advertising marketplace connecting Brands and Content Creators. was developed as an advertising technology platform to simplify and scale product placement advertising into video content.

  • Marketplace matching Brands with Product Placement Opportunities (PPO’s)
  • Content Creator & Brand profile management system
  • Offer Management workflow & messaging platform
  • Payment workflow
  • PPO integration approval workflow and process
  • Editorial content workflow and process

The underlying BrandedPlacement SAAS technology was developed as a white-label monetization engine, to enable other verticals such as social media, music, gaming, podcasts.

BrandedPlacement was founded by a team of Silicon Valley veterans, serial entrepreneurs, inventors and technologists, with over 30 years of AdTech experience respectively with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Yahoo!, AOL / Time Warner, Netflix, and Omnicom.